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Sales reps visiting physicians are using Pitcher for day to day activities.


Using Pitcher for presenting their collection and collecting leads at car shows.

Merck / MSD

Using Pitcher for both physician and pharmacy field in multiple countries.


Using Pitcher to present and collect orders from B2B customers.

CLM & Beyond...

Meet Pitcher

PITCHER: the only end-to-end solution for your digital marketing and salesforce effectiveness needs: from centralized digital asset library to tablet based eDetailing & CLM; from key account management to expo kiosk applications; from eLearning to HR - all within one platform.
  • Enterprise scalability: start with a pilot, roll out globally.
  • Keep in full control of the content in the field, self-manage or include digital agencies in role-based workflows.
  • Full featured business intelligence to create custom reports and dashboards.
  • Allow reps to tailor presentations prepared specifically per segment or per account.
  • Globally localized platform, multilingual interface and phone-based support.
  • Bring your existing content in any format: HTML5, InDesign, Keynote, Powerpoint, video, animation or PDF. Drag & drop into the back end and get running in minutes. Even content from other vendors.
  • Control the branding, run unique apps on the same platform, deploy per therapeutic area, product, country or even season.
  • Out of the box CRM integration for, Veeva, Cegedim and many more.
  • Direct/Transfer sales module for pharmacy visiting reps.
Ready to see it in action? Contact us to meet the award winning, industry leading, patent pending Pitcher.

Much More than an iPad App

Pitcher Components

Pitcher Impact
PITCHER IMPACT is the app running on reps’ tablet devices (iPad, Android or Windows 10) giving online and offline access to:
  • Approved and rule-governed marketing and sales material like brochures, publications, iDetails, 3D visualizations, movies and the ability to create custom flows combining all.
  • CRM data, planned calls and new call planning within Pitcher.
  • Surveys and questionnaires to hold field studies.
  • Sample management and literature request forms.
  • Key facts about each account and contact.
Pitcher Zero
PITCHER ZERO is the industry novelty that brings your data offline to the tablet within PITCHER IMPACT:
  • Bring your customizations and app exchange application extensions to your tablet
  • Instant access to CRM information during planning, execution and post-call reporting
  • Dynamically embed client account metrics (e.g. Activity history, orders, samples etc.) into offline content
  • Offline account/contact management including editing according to user permissions
  • Custom post-call reporting linking to any custom object or related list
  • Sample management
  • Sustainable one-click integration update (i.e. for field, object, related list updates)
Pitcher Admin
PITCHER ADMIN is a desktop application running on Windows and Apple computers which can act as:
  • A content management system (CMS) for the marketing department or agencies to create, upload, edit, share, translate and distribute the content globally.
  • A user management system for IT administrators to define and manage end users.
  • Gives CRM administrators the ability to manage audit questionnaires, customer segmentation, assortment management, user management, product definition capabilities.
  • A brand control console for brand managers to customize the application look & feel with a few easy clicks.
Pitcher Insight
PITCHER INSIGHT is an online analytics and tracking interface accessible from any device providing:
  • Granular statistical data scaling from business unit activities down to individual touches on the screen, combined with preset industry standard reports.
  • Ability to create further reports, dashboards, excel outputs and graphics using a very simple drag & drop interface.
  • Realtime statistics for surveys, questionnaires and field studies.
  • If enabled, realtime tracking of sales rep activity.
Pitcher Sales
PITCHER SALES brings direct and transfer order capability to any sales force.
  • Powerful back-end pricing engine built on the platform.
  • Easy to use front end accessible from within Pitcher, allowing per account specific conditions and pricing.
  • Seamless integration to existing CRM & ERP systems .
Pitcher Connect
PITCHER CONNECT is the browser-based version of the PITCHER suite. It enables sales reps to stay connected to their customers in a completely new way.
  • On-demand platform for content sharing and remote presentation tool all in one.
  • Analytical data collection is maintained while customers view fully interactive content via web browser.
  • Login via Google, Facebook, Linkedin or Twitter account
  • Take control with remote presentations from any device to an unlimited number of customers simultaneously.


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